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Sites of Interest. Comments welcome.

Toaster Collectors Toaster collectors gather once a year to buy, sell and trade old toasters and related material. They were featured on CBS television on the Sunday Morning program.
Razz's Shagbark Hickory Syrup has a wonderful smokey undertone that is absolutely delicious on waffles, a nice change from maple syrup.
Jay Raymond, expert on streamlined irons, has an interesting blog. Be sure to read the message for first time visitors. And, he has authored a smashing book with superb photography. Bravo!
Culinary Curiosities -- Wonderful Exhibit at Kendall College near Chicago
The producers of this exhibit have done a wonderful job of making it available online since we cannot all make a visit to see this splendid display, curated by Vicki Matranga..
Parts and repairs for larger applainces like ranges, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines.
Vintage, but modern refrigerator or dishwasher
Hey, hey! I was always in love with my sister's Kelvinator; alas, it is long gone. But here's the next best thing.
The Classic Typewriter in all its glory
A very rich site. I got lost for hours.
Florida International University's Wolfsonian
If you ever get to Miami Beach, don't miss this treasure, especially arts and crafts articles and moderne and streamline designs.
See the Copeman ToasterLloyd Copeman Site
  Lloyd Groff Copeman (1881-1956) is a great American inventor. His inventions include the first electric stove and the flexible ice cube tray, and many things in between. Look for the famous Copeman toaster.
Synonyms and Sugar on Buttered ToastSynonym Toast from Scholastic
A fun game to test your knowledge of synonyms.
The Toaster MuseumThe Toaster Museum Foundation:
  A great site, chocked with info --
Art Deco Society of Washington Art Deco Society of Washington:
A good source for learning about art deco and its preservation, with forum, events listing, great links to other sites, and classifieds. This site even has a picture of the the Kalakala, a 1935 streamline boat that pioneered the use of RADAR; look under Preservation Alerts in other locations.

Mark's Toastmaster as an Airstream trailer....!
  and some amazing rocket ships. Paging Flash Gordon...Paging Flash Gordon

Appliances as SculptureAppliance Sculpture Electrifying...
  I disaprove of eviscerating a perfectly good old toaster, but given that some have reached the end of their useful life for browning bread, Jerry Meyer gives us something else to think about.

  For a whole world of vintage fans, visit an excellent site at -- http:/

Antique Stoves & Refrigerators;
  America's #1 source for restoring antique and vintage stoves and refrigerators from the 20's to the 60's.
All about Sunbeam Radiant Toasters
  Here's a site showing new in the box Sunbeam Radiant toasters.
Resources for Typewriter Collectors
Be sure to check out the "Percy Smock Corner" in honor of a who collected typewriters.
Mr. Maxwell's Washing Machine Museum
A very rich site about many old washing machines.

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