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Restored Vintage Electric Waffle Irons
Not made in China

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Hot and Crispy All waffle irons for sale here:
  • were made in America and make 'regular' waffles, not the thick Belgian-style with big, deep dimples,
  • are guaranteed to work to the original factory specifications after our meticulous remanufacturing,
  • have cast aluminum grids without non-stick coating (with one exception),
  • come with instructions for seasoning the grids before the first use,
  • come with directions, tips and a score of recipes.

    Every piece for sale here is in good working order and the best quality available anywhere.

Toastmaster Model 2D2 Waffle Iron

Near commercial quality, this automatic chrome-plated waffle iron was made in America from 1939 to 1959, and during these years of production, the suits realized that making them a touch less durable meant more future sales, and more profits, And, if we didn't want 'em cheap, Walmart would not exist.

This model produces a medium thick 6.75" diameter waffle. The easy-to-read internally illuminated temperature control knob is on the front. It has brown Bakelite fittings and a permanently attached attractive six foot milk chocolate brown cord. The classic Toastmaster triple loop logo is inscribed in the lid.

Because it measures only eleven inches across, it is the smallest, most compact waffle iron that we sell.

If you are looking for goods made in America or a waffle iron without Teflon or other sort of non-stick coating, choose this model. This one has been fully refurbished and it is in very good condition. It comes with seasoning instruction, tips, and a slew of recipes.

Toastmaster Model 2D2
Mfg. By Toastmaster Products Division
McGraw Electric Company Elgin, Ill. U.S.A.
110-120 v 700w For A.C. Only

Shipping weight 10 Lbs.


Purchase Information

Mary Lou in Corvallis, Oregon bought this waffle iron and wrote to say My beautiful Toastmaster arrived in perfect condition. I love, love, love it. Thank you for your prompt service and for all the helpful information. However, you really can bake a healthy waffle. I used my recipe which uses ground flax, ground walnuts, sprouted spelt fl., and oat bran., buttermilk, olive oil and a little salt and baking pow. It baked and came out perfectly. We cover it with blue berries and unsweetened yogurt. Grate a little nutmet on top for flavor. No sugar added. Thank you again

Sleek and clean design

Patrick in Ohio bought this model waffle iron and wrote to say I have been using the Toastmaster every weekend since I received it! The waffles turn out perfectly every time and I really enjoy using this classic appliance. Thank you!

Jim in Chandler, Arizona bought this model waffle iron in mint condition and wrote to say I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my "new" 2D2 waffle maker. It is kind of neat getting a 70+ year old appliance that is still brand new and in such perfect condition. It looks great on my counter with it's stable mate 1B8 toaster. And the best part is it makes great waffles. From the very first time I used it the waffles have come out perfectly brown with no sticking plus the built in timer is right on. And the sixth waffle of a batch is just as nice and brown as the first which most new machines can't do.

Catherine in Beckwourth, California bought this waffle iron and wrote to say The ToastMaster waffle iron arrived safely this evening & was most ENTHUSIASTICALLY received (we had waffles and lentil soup for dinner....) It's in magnificent condition and working perfectly. Thank you so much for offering this service and for being such a delight to do business with.

This waffle iron is one of the best ever made.

Erica in Buffalo bought this model waffle iron and wrote to say Received the W2 and have already made a batch of delicious, crispy waffles. We couldn't be happier with our purchase. Many thanks to you for rescuing this wonderfully built beauty.

Robert in Portland, Oregon bought this model waffle iron and wrote to say i got the w2 waffle iron yesterday; it was packed wonderfully well and it arrived in great condition; the waffle iron is beautiful and i am so very happy it was well worth the money i paid and you pay attention to great detail in refurbishing these old appliances to be made like new! again i am very pleased and thanks again

Jane in Austin bought this model waffle iron and wrote to say Just want you to know how much we've enjoyed our no-non-stick waffle iron. We've enjoyed it so much and it's easy to use. It's a real tank. Works like a charm and no Teflon. Thanks from Texas

Michael in Brooklyn, New York bought this model waffle iron and wrote to say I received the Sunbeam this week and used it this morning. All I can say is, "Fantastic". This makes great waffles. How is it that the products made in the USA in the mid 20th century out perform those made today? We certainly have lost our way, haven't we. A pleasure to do business with you.

Sunbeam 1945 to 1955

Sunbeam was one of the first companies to introduce a jumbo-sized automatic waffle iron when they brought out their Model W-1 in 1940. Just after World War II the Design Department restyled the temperature indicator to make it easier to see.

The result was the Model W-2 shown here, made from 1945 to 1955, with heavy duty heating elements of near-commercial quality. It makes giant waffles of 80 square inches faster than they can be consumed. (A normal sized waffle is only 37 square inches). A clever grid design makes it impossible to overfill this iron and the easy-to-see indicator light takes the guesswork out of knowing when the waffle is done. The outside dimensions are 12 inches square.

Because of its design, this model nearly always has scuffing to the case, even when in excellent condition. If you want a waffle iron in close to perfect cosmetic condition, please choose the Sunbeam CG or the Toastmaster model 2D2.

This one comes with our own set of instructions for seasoning the grids, a bunch of recipes and tips for making great waffles.

Sunbeam Model W-2
Sunbeam Corporation, Chicago, USA, Toronto, Canada
1200 Watts
Shipping Weight: 14 lbs.

$175 in very good condition (as shown)
$235 in excellent condition
$350 in mint condition

Purchase Information

Sputnik launched into space soon after this appliance came to market...

Linda in Deaver, Wyoming bought this waffle iron and wrote to say Received the waffle iron, and you were right, I am very pleased. Made perfect waffles the first time, no sticking. Its so unusual to purchase anything that exceeds my expectations for quality and value. Kudo's! Will be buying more from you in the future.

Pat in Boulder bought this waffle iron and wrote to say I just received the Sunbeam CG. Its beautiful. You indicated that it would be in very good condition but I would consider the condition 'excellent'. It's a nice touch that you include the original owners manual. Its hard to believe that this appliance is 50 years old based on the top notch condition that it is in.

Sunbeam CG Waffle Iron

In the mid 1950s, Sunbeam restyled the popular Model W-2 waffle iron and created the sleek, modern looking Model CG. The new model retained the high quality construction of its predecessor but also featured removable cooking grids for waffles and a set of accessory grilling plates as an option. The new CG model soon became one of the best selling combination units of that period. It opens completely for two griddle surfaces with capacity for eight picture perfect flapjacks, enough for a large family or a single American champion swimmer with LOTS of gold medals.

The CG model has near commercial quality components including a sensitive, accurate temperature controller and heavy duty 1250 watt heating elements that can cook acres of waffles in minutes. An easy to see illuminated control dial takes all of the guesswork out of the baking process and frees the cook from squinting at a tiny indicator window. The outside dimension are 12.5 inches square. It weighs in at an impressive 11 pounds. Outside dimensions including handles is fourteen inches square and four and a half inches high.

Each nine inch square waffle easily breaks into quarters -- the perfect size for storing and freezing, and for quick re-heating in a toaster.

The accessory grilling plates are $55 with a CG and $65 if sold separately, and when available.

Note: Just before production for this model ended, Sunbeam sold a version with Teflon coating on the waffle grids and we have one set available.

Sunbeam Corporation, Chicago, USA, Toronto, Canada
Model CG
For AC only 110-120 V 1250 W

Shipping Weight 14 pounds
16 pounds with accessory grilling plates)

$175 in very good condition (as shown)
$225 in excellent condition
$295 in mint condition

Purchase Information

Joanne in Sherrill's Ford, North Carolina bought this model waffle iron and wrote to say Just want to tell you how wonderful the Sunbeam CG is! We enjoyed delicious, perfectly baked waffles the first try, unlike so many of the other waffle irons I have tried! I am so completely satisfied with your product and only wish I had found yours before spending time and $ on other inferior products.

Mike in Quebec bought this model waffle iron and wrote to say The waffle iron is fantastic. It has worked flawlessly. Saturday mornings are waffle mornings and my two little kids - and my wife and I - love the waffles. My two year old's limited vocabulary enthusiastically includes "wabbles"! We've hosted some brunches and our guests have been thrilled too. Once up to speed, it really kicks the waffles out at a great rate.

Brian in Spokane bought this model waffle iron and wrote to say
Just wanted to say that we received the Sunbeam CG Waffle Iron and it works great! Makes waffles so much better and faster than our newer machine and it even looks better! It's been a pleasure to work with your outfit!

1930 Edison Electric Waffle Iron "Hotpoint"

This fully functional show piece is an automatic waffle iron with preset thermostat and equipped with heavy duty General Electric "Calrod" heating elements and chrome plating. It measures 5 inches high and about 9 inches wide at base and produces a full size 7 inch waffle.

The faceted lid and base are complimented by some knock out metal work in a zigzag art deco design in the pedestal. The handles are uniquely styled green and orange marbleized Bakelite.

This is a very scarce piece made in very limited numbers for small upscale segment of the depression era market. It is once again an attractive performer that will give many more years of reliable service.

It has been completely rebuilt and tested, and with modern high temperature appliance wire installed. It is in flawless condition and comes with a detachable cord set, instructions, tips and recipes to help you enjoy waffles just the way you like them.

Edison Electric Waffle Iron
Cat. 129Y175 660 watts 115 volts
Made in USA by Edison Electric Appliance Co. Inc.
A General Electric Organization Chicago, Ill. Ontario, Calif.

Shipping weight: 8 pounds


Purchase Information
Made by Edison Electric Appliance Co.

waffle iron with Art Deco geometric design

Catherine in Hixson, Tennessee wrote to say Just wanted to let you know that the waffle iron was a big hit on Christmas morning. My husband loved his vintage gift and the waffles were the best he's ever made. Thanks to you, great items like these can still have a life and are certainly much better than the ones currently offered for sale at retail stores.

Lynn in California wrote to say The Waffle Iron was the best b'day present ever!!! Very successful... He was absolutely delighted and amazed that I went thru the effort of finding one made in USA (or not made in China)....Eric has made some really delicious waffles!!! Thanks so much for all your help!

General Electric *Best Value*

General Electric produced this stylish high quality, non-automatic waffle iron, so well engineered that it self regulates -- as long as it's kept full of batter it will not overheat. It will turn out an endless stream of waffles which measure 6 1/2 inches in diameter until the batter is gone. This model is a good choice if you are looking for a waffle iron not made in China. But then, all the waffle irons we sell were made in the United States.

With "textolite" handles and absence of a thermostat, this model was sold from the late 1930s until the late 1940s, long before no non-stick coating such as Teflon, which can be toxic and dangerous to pet parakeets, parrots, budgies and other birds.

This one is in excellent condition. We've disassembled it, installed modern high temperature internal wiring, and tested it for operation up to specification. It comes with a facsimile of the original instruction booklet "52 Recipes" that came with the waffle iron when it was sold new.

We include a detachable cord set, our instructions for seasoning the grids, tips, and lots of waffle recipes.

General Electric Best Value
Volts 115 Watts 550
Made in U.S.A.

Shipping weight: 9 Lbs.

$115 in excellent condition (as shown)
$175 in mint condition

Purchase Information

Royal Rochester Black Leaf & Myrtle Fraunfelter Ceramic Lid

From the 1930s, this non-automatic waffle iron with bone handles and chromium plating features a Fraunfelter made ceramic lid insert in the "Black Leaf & Myrtle" pattern. Non-automatic.

This piece is blemish free, museum quality, and in excellent condition, inside and out, this waffle iron comes with a detachable cord set, complete operating instructions, seasoning instructions, and recipes.

Royal Rochester
Robeson Rochester Corp., Rochester, NY
Model 12800 110-120v 660w

Shipping weight: 9 pounds


Purchase Information
Royal Rochester with Black Leaf and Myrtle ceramic lid.

Robeson Rochester Waffle Iron with "Golden Pheasant" Ceramic Lid

The late 1920s styling features imitation Ivory "catalin" plastic fittings with swirl design in the handle attachments, reminiscent of Art Nouveau whiplash designs. It is nickel plated brass body and base with Fraunfelter/Ohio China Company ceramic lid insert in the "Golden Pheasant" pattern. It is non-automatic and is in very good condition, with only slight signs of use. It comes with a detachable cord set, along with seasoning and operating instructions, and recipes.

Robeson Rochester Corp. Rochester, NY
110-120v 660w
Type W.A. Pat. Appl'd for

Shipping weight: 8 pounds

SOLD But we have an extra batter bowl $45

Purchase Information
Golden Pheasant Ceramic Lid.

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